Friday, September 27, 2013

exam week comfort

Took my first calculus midterm today and I could cry of happiness. Baggy everything and my chucks were the highlight of this week. Comfort over trendy, period. Finished off the exhausting day with my boiled veggie salad with scattered seaweed, some organic unsalted peanut butter on an English muffin and a cup of yummy Darjeeling tea. I just enjoy food :)

veggie salad: boiled corn, sugar snap peas, broccoli, regular peas topped with red chili peppers, seasoned black peppers and lots of seaweed (here, i cut mine into small rectangular bite size pieces. Sometimes i roll my veggies with seaweed into small sushi-taco hybrid). Seaweed is the best topping for any salad or even just as a snack on its own. Salty, crunchy and packed with Vitamin A and C (what more can you ask for).

:) tee

all images by me

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